Mielmigos Society Designs

The Mielmigos Society was created for Leprechauno Meadery during a crowdfunding campaign to be a membership society for our biggest supporters who wanted access to our limited barrel-aged meads. ⁠A mashup of Spanish words "miel" and "amigos" Mielmigos roughly translates to honey friends, a name we thought to be clever for a membership society centered around a honey-based product, mead.⁠


We wanted each mead to follow a similar layout but change color and imagery for each flavor.


Richard Patrick of Filter described his 2002 release of the album Amalgamut as "a melting pot with an immense amount of diversity." He was referring to America and how that despite our cultural backgrounds we are all ultimately a melting pot of ethnicities. Mielmigos release #1 "Amalgamut" earned its name from inception. Georgia tallow and wildflower honey along with some Texas/Mexican mesquite honey was blended into a 4 roses select barrel and fermented with Tahitian vanilla caviar, cold brew coffee and maple syrup. Upon transferring into a secondary fermentation vessel, another dose of vanilla caviar, cold brew coffee and maple syrup was administered. 


We developed the idea for this mead when we bought some tasty, juicy Georgia peaches from Jaemor farms. We halved, pitted, and grilled two bushels of peaches on our Big Green Egg, which deliciously caramelized them. The peaches and mead then went into a rye barrel, which imparted some pie spice flavor.


It's with love and appreciation that we dedicate this mead to our sweet kitty, Lily. A crowd favorite from our home brew days, Princess Lily combines Tallow honey, Blood Orange Puree and Tahitian vanilla into a tasty mead that was barrel-aged in a Grand Marnier barrel for 6 months. It's a blast of citrus and sweet honey that is rounded out with the vanilla and cognac notes.


We love Atlanta, but boy is it hard to be an Atlanta sports fan. We won't go too deep into the wounds, but this is a great bottle to keep on deck for the next time you're gripping the edge of your seat hoping for the A to score. And if they let us down again, it's a good drink to chase away the blues... because of the blueberries. Get it?


Leprechauno Meadery