Cider Company Brand Identity Design

Northwest Territory Cider Co is breathing new life into this historic age with their cider.

Referencing the US region that existed from 1787 to 1803, it was important to the owners that we incorporate colonial elements without coming off as too historical. Though they're an Ohio-based cider company, the true Northwest Territory also Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota. We felt the icon should depict the region as a whole.


Rustic handwritten font surrounded by a sleek golden arch represents the mix of old and new. Reminiscent of Jefferson's handwriting, the main font Historia steals the show with elegant swooshes and slightly roughened edges. The fonts Emerland and Brooklyn play a supporting role in contrasting the aged handwriting with modern serif and sans-serif, respectively.


The primary hues of navy, gold and tan allude to a time gone by; navy representing the power of a new country, gold for the eventual expansion westward, and aged paper for the many letters sent during the early formation of the United States. The secondary colors are shades of red found in the traditional red apple.

Together all of these elements deliver on the neo-modern look this emerging company was striving for.


Northwest Territory Cider Co.