Supermoon Brand

Supermoon Brand



  • 30-Minute Strategy Call
  • 3 Concepts + 3 Rounds of Revisions
  • Full Logo Suite
  • Brand Board
  • Social Media Profile + Cover Photos
  • Multi-page Brand Guidelines
  • Package Details

    30-Minute Strategy Meeting

    We’ll discuss your business and how that translates to a brand identity. 


    Initial Concepts + Revisions

    Based on our meeting, I’ll design logo concepts for us to review, then we’ll refine one until it’s perfect.


    Logo Suite

    Once the logo is finalized, I’ll save out all the arrangements, color options and file types so they’ll be ready to use in any situation.


    Brand Board

    Time to finalize the brand. Based on the logo, I’ll lay out all of the logos, fonts, colors, textures, imagery styles and more that make up your brand into a handy PDF.


    Social Media Profile + Cover Photo

    Your social pages will want to be updated with new media. I'll design the social media profile photo and cover photo to hype up your new brand.

    Multi-Page Brand Guidelines

    A deeper dive than the brand board, your multi-page brand guidelines will give detailed direction about how to utilize your brand assets. Specifics for the logo, colors, graphics, typography hierarchy and photo use will come in handy when working across a variety of print and digital vendors.