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Artesian Water Packaging

Canton Water Co.

Marley approached me to help with this new artesian water being bottled from a local spring. They weren't quite sure what to name the product, but they knew the style they were looking for–rustic yet clean Texas vibes. My first thought was to stick with naming the product after the region the water comes from, as building pride in a Texan product would be crucial for marketing.

Once I settled on Canton Water Company (co. for short), my first visuals were the old '50s and '60s signs I'd seen visiting Dallas as a kid. Those iconic interweaving script fonts surrounded by lights always stood out to me as classically western, so I modeled the typography after them.

Navy was an obvious choice to reflect water, but also speaks to the blue jeans famously found in cowboy culture. The wavy wiggled line also further emphasized the product's origin from the artesian well. Simple, clean and monochromatic, the label didn't need any grunge or extra imagery to make an impact.

The final label provides insight into the water source and highlights Texas in multiple locations, a strategic choice to appeal to their pro-local consumer.


Thank you Haley!

Thank you I am really excited to have these ready for Christmas.

– Marley, Founder


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