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Label Design

Leprechauno Meadery

For these core 375 ml meads, we opted to go with three unique label designs for meads packed with personality.

This was the first mead we released. It's a simple combination of honey, water, yeast and Tahitian vanilla. The label is reminiscent of an Irish pub with accents that borrow from judges paneling. In the background you see a hand with a four leaf clover, directly speaking to the name.

Que Sabrosa
Spanish for "How Tasty," Que Sabrosa is a fan favorite for coffee lovers. Often described as tasting like a chocolate-covered cherry, it has a coffee shop vibe as two hands pour coffee and chocolate coating a bowl of sweet maraschino cherries.

Foo Punch
Like the name says, it's a punch-flavored mead combining pineapple, mango, passionfruit, guava and Tahitian vanilla. Drawings of the fruit float around the label, giving the illusion they've been punched by a Fruit Ninja and are flying towards you.


Haley excelled at bringing my label designs to life...

I may be biased because she's my wife, but her creativity and consistency in all of our mead label designs was invaluable."

– Randall, Co-founder


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